x5thgamer12's Trial-Mod Application

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x5thgamer12's Trial-Mod Application

Post by x5thgamer12 on Sat Dec 13, 2014 5:45 pm

Moderator Application:Trial-Mod

Name:Harlyn Nunez


State in at least 30 words why you would like to be a Trial-Mod:I would like to be a trial mod so i can help people out on the server.

What can you do for the community:I can reinforce the rules if there breaking them and also i can serve justice for all.

How did you find this server:I found it on your youtube channel ExplosiveRP Darkrp

Do you have any previous Experience with being a mod/Admin on any other servers? If so name the servers:HarlynRP,JuniorRP

A bit about your self:I live in west new york nj i am dominican and i really like playing video games.

Current in game Rank:2

will you be active on the forums?i will post as much as i can here and on my youtube channel youtube.com/HarlynAndBryan

Will you be active in game?i will come on everyday and try to get some traffic in game like i send people over here.

What time do you normally play? (PST):3 or four for about like 2 hours.

In at least 30 words why would you be a good attribute to the server?i can help out everyone who needs help with everything like if they need to talk to some one about the problems they have in the server.

Are mod's Allowed to punish Fellow Mods?only if you have permission or they did something bad.

Are mod's Allowed to punish Users?if they dont follow rules yes.

Here's a few scenarios, answer them to the best of your ability.


Question #1

Player 1 Spams 20 fences what do you do? -

A:Ban him permanently for propspam
B:Kick player 1 for propspam
C:Tp to him and tell him to stop

Question #2

Player1 Rdm's Player2 what do you do? -

A:Bring them both and to you and listen to what happend
B:Slay player 1 for Rdm
C:Kick player 1

Question #3

you find a area which is propblocked what do you do? -

A:remove the propblock
B:bring the owner of the prop and have him fix it
C:Kick the player for prop block

Question #4

What is the proper punishment order to follow
Warn or kick them

Question #5

What is the required length for a keypad to hold?
4 numbers

Question #6

What are you meant to use noclip for?
to get to the place faster or to patrol around

Question #7

You see an admin who is abusing what do you do?
tell the owner or just kick them.

Question #8

You find someone propkilling what do you do?
kick or ban for RDM and Propkill


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Problems (other than these, it should be fine)

Post by That_Special_Muffin on Tue Jan 20, 2015 2:24 am

Points of mistake from top to bottom:Not at least 30 words for first question.Non capitalized "I's."Improper use of there, their, and they're.No commas where they should be.Non capitalized words that should be capitalized.Improper grammar.Again not at least 30 words(27).If I'm correct, mods can't punish each other, people that have a rank can't punish other people that have that rank(I believe).    Scenario time. #1.You should tp and talk to them, tell them to stop, and have them despawn them.If they don't and instead continue, that's when you kick.#4, not enough detail, punishment order is longer.#6, yes but another reason is to get through a propblock or something that on the other side, is a rule breaker, and they won't let you in.#7, you won't be able to kick them unless you're a higher rank then them.You could also tell a higher ranked person than the abuser.
Also, what rank is "2?"


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Re: x5thgamer12's Trial-Mod Application

Post by Nero on Mon Jan 26, 2015 5:59 am

Thank you muffin for still participating on the forums through this extreme server downtime. I like the thorough inspection of the application that you have here, well done. Just wanted to say that, yes, grammar is important but not to the extent of correctly placed commas and capitalized words. I agree that "I's" should be capitalized and the there, their, and they're words should be correct. You don't have to be that critical in the correction of applications. But of course, well done and thank you.


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Re: x5thgamer12's Trial-Mod Application

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