Staff Ranks/Requirements

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Staff Ranks/Requirements

Post by Nero on Thu Aug 14, 2014 12:11 am

These are the current ranks of the server. Any questions PM me on the forums.

Here are the ranks in order:

user - standard joining rank

Trusted - This rank is just above user. To achieve this rank you must be active on the server to where the admins will recognize you and enjoy having you on. There are no commands to use with this rank. The reason it is here is because you need to become this rank to be able to apply for moderator when the server is not in dire need of staff.

Trial Moderator - As a trial moderator your job is to LEARN. If you have been a staff member on other servers and you think you don't need training well too bad! You are to be trained based on the rules of THIS server. Yes, the servers general rules are similar to others but it needs to be made sure that you are following this servers guidelines on what to do in an administration situation. Once your application has been accepted one of the Head Moderators will begin training you as soon as they can.

*Moderator - A member of the staff. Your job is to make sure that everyone is following the server rules and to be sure that everyone is having an enjoyable experience. You will be given basic staff commands to start off with. To become this rank you must apply on the forums and wait for a staff member to look it over and accept it. Of course not every application will be accepted and there will not always be open positions to apply. Pre-requisites for applying are that you must be at the rank "Trusted" before you can apply. ANY application that states you are not at least trusted will result in an instant deny.

Admin - A high member of staff and well accepted member of the community. As an admin you need to make sure all lower ranked users are doing what they should and following the rules.

^Head Moderator - A higher member of the staff. Your job is to train the new moderators so that they know what they are doing while also making sure that they are doing what they're supposed to. *NOTE* This rank is chosen by a higher member of the staff. There is no application for it since you will be training lower level staff you will need to be more trusted than even an admin.

Superadmin - If you are a superadmin the owner trusts you extensively. You are the highest rank of staff (not including the owner) there is. Anyone who is a lower level staff member MUST listen to you. Because of that you will need to gain a LOT of trust from the owner so he knows that you can be trusted to not abuse your powers. You will have a choice to become a superadmin or stay at the level you were. If you accept than you must be more serious about the position than ever. You will have full control over everyone so you need to be as serious as you can be. The owner will also need to know that you are experienced at staffing on this server because you will be able to train any lower level staff that either request it from you or are required to be trained and no other trainer is available to do so.

Moderator - After 7 continuous days of inactivity you will be demoted back to user and will have to re apply on the forums. *You can only re apply after a week of being demoted*

Admin - You have 10 days before demotion to Moderator. You will need to speak to a higher-up to regain your position if they see fit.

*RULE*  Not any of the same position can punish themselves.  Only higher ranks can punish lower ranks if needed.
*RULE* You may NOT noclip as a RP job just to get somewhere faster only if a problem arises that you need to deal with (If you are caught doing this and your reason does not seem fit to a higher-up than you will be warned).


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