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Server Rules

Post by Nero on Sun Jul 27, 2014 10:52 am

General Rules:

1: Do not insult players in OOC or using IC to insult OOC.- Racism/Homophobia is forbidden, can be used if roleplayed properly.
2: Propspamming/Spawnkilling/Spawntrapping or minging in general are reasons for permanent ban.
3: Using props to surf/push/kill is stricly prohibited, caught doing so will result in punishment.
4: Using any tool for unrealistic purposes such as: Colouring yourself invisible, money printer finders and allowing you to see when someone raids you is not allowed.
5: Never Randomly Demote – Demote reasons must not include things such as "RDM", "NLR", they should be used properly such as "Selfsupply" "RDA".
6: To raid/mug use appropriate job. - See under job rules -> (Medics, gundealers etc may not raid)
7: Do not propblock – There must be 1 accessible path to enter your base using keypadcracker/lockpick.
8: Using one-way props are not allowed, this means that props which you can see through on one side, but another player can't see through on other side. (Only on already existing world windows)
9: Don't use OOC for RP reasons, calling your friends in OOC is not allowed, use proper channels such as:
/advert /pm /groupchat.
10: Changing job or suicide to avoid RP is not allowed, if you're being chased by a cop and almost arrested and you proceed to kill yourself you will be punished.
11: KoS signs or anything similar are not allowed -You must warn players to leave.
12: No advertising other servers -Kick>24 hour ban
13: Building signs doesn't grant you immunity to being raided, and you must ALWAYS have 1 entrance. - Raiders must not mug/kill you while building however. You may also not build whilst owning RP entities.
14: Declaring war etc is not allowed, it's bullshit excuse for Death Match.
15: Mugging can only be done by gangsters and must be typed you do not need to advert it and must give 10 seconds to comply
16: only the hobo job can build in public any one build outside a store or bulding will be warned then have it removed.
17: You can not kill unarmed people in a raid, you can only kill people that has a weapon or a arrest stick out.
18: All classes can Anti Raid or Anti Mug


Some of these laws may be overwritten by mayor!
1: Weapons above pistol are illegal. [AoS or KoS](Can be overwritten)
2: A gun license permits sales/owning of a heavy weapon. (Can be overwrriten)
3: Weapons in public are illegal. [KoS or AoS](Can be overwritten)
4: Bugbait/vandalism/fighting is illegal. [AoS] (Can be overwritten)
5: Printers are illegal [AoS] (Cannot be overwritten)

Role-Play Rules:

FailRP - FailRP is where you fail to Role-Play the job you are set. Examples: You are a hobo and you own a house, You are Civil Protection and you are randomly arresting players, You are citizen and you are raiding and mugging, etc.

FearRP - FearRP is where you act scared in certain situations. Examples: RIGHT WAY: You are being mugged, the mugger asks for $500.  You either say something or nothing but you give the mugger the money.  WRONG WAY: You are being mugged, the mugger asks for $500.  You say F*** you and pull out an AK47 and kill him.

Minge - Being a Minge (or minging) is where you are going around and being a prick. Example: You see someone in a room.  You quickly run in the room and hit said person with a crowbar, then quickly run out.  And you do this over, and over, and over, and over.  Or, you are running around the town shooting random people but not killing them.

RDM - RDM (Random Death Match) is where you kill someone for no reason at all.  Example: You randomly kill someone.

CDM - CDM (Car Death Match) is where you run over someone with a car for no reason.  "They were in my way!" Is not a reason.

RDA - RDA (Random Arresting) is where you are playing as a Civil Protection, Chief, S.W.A.T., etc. and you well, randomly arrest someone. Example: You see someone building you go up and BOOM they are in jail for no reason.

Prop-Killing - Prop-Killing as you could guess is killing someone with a prop by flinging the prop at someone with the physgun.

Prop-Block - Prop-Block is where you block an area that can be entered, with a prop.  Take note that this also applies to keypads blocked by doors.

Job Specific Rules:

1:You are the most common job on the server, you may not base with criminals such as gangsters/thieves. However you are allowed to have a home with other citizens or other non-criminal jobs.
2: No raiding/mugging etc as citizen.

Police Officers/Chief/SWAT:
1: Chief/Mayor are the commanders of the force, you should obey them at all times.
2: You may only warrant/wanted if you have actual proof of a warrant, for example you spot a money printer far back in the room. Also to locpick/battering ram someones house you MUST have a warrant.
3: Corrupt cops are NOT allowed, keeping illegal entities such as moneyprinters are strictly forbidden and you will be demoted. - You may however accept bribes once in a while, to a certain extend.
4: You are not allowed to own a home/doors or build in public.
5: Lobby of the police department is a public place so leave it unlocked.

1: You are the leader of the police force, and soldiers. You are very respected, and highly paid in salary.
2: You can create laws, but do use some common sense when creating them. Allowing money printers is not allowed, neither is any law that goes against server rules allowed.
3: You are not a cop, you should NEVER participate in raids, neither should you EVER hunt down criminals.
4: You may build roadblocks but they must be roleplayed properly.
5: if you build a road block it must have a keypad and you cannot force weapon checks at them.

Mob boss:
1: You are the leader of a gang, provide your gang with an agenda and lead them. Start up a gang with other criminals, and rob the city of their money.
2: Using agenda to abuse such as "/Agenda Kill all cops you see" is not allowed, unless the cops are posing an actual threat to you or anyone of your gang you may not shoot them.
3: You can arrange raids on the PD to free prisoners, this should however be used with RP reason. So one of your gang members got arrested, and you want to break him out.

1: You are the city's most basic criminals, you raid people and mug them, you use whatever means you can to make your salary. Extorting shops into paying their 'protection money' or making regular players pay for you not to hurt them.
2: You should if possible join the Mob Bosses gang and obey him, join him in his raids or whatever he is currently planning.

1: Gundealers MUST have a shop and be on duty 24/7, this must not be used as a selfsupply job. Caught job abusing gundealer to give yourself or friends weapons then switching back to old job will result in a ban. YOU MAY SPAWN A WEAPON to defend your shop.
2: You may NEVER base with anyone, although you are allowed security guards.
3: Weapons above pistol are by default illegal, caught selling illegal weapons can lead to warrant/wanted/arrest. So make sure you either hide your sales of illegal weapons or actually have permission by the Mayor/Chief.
4: You are not allowed to raid, if someone outside your shop has a money printer you can of course go and try to get it.

Security/Body Guard:
1: Do not randomly shoot/stunstick people without proper RP reason, if your boss asks someone to leave and they refuse you can force them to leave.
2: You are a guard, secure the perimeter of your employers house/base/shop.

1: You may NEVER base/raid or own a house - you may however own a shop/hospital.

1: You are the lowest rank of the city, you beg for money whilst sitting in your hobo shack.
2: Bugbaiting someone can get you shot, and bugbaiting in general can get you arrested.
3: You are allowed to build in public, however don't create huge fortresses filling up an entire street etc. Make a realistic hobo shack.
4: Using bugbait to get law enforcement to arrest you then shooting them is NOT allowed, you must not bait players into RDM. Also don't punch-whore people at random, have a proper reason. For example: You ask someone for money and he drops you 2$, this pisses you off so you proceed to punch him a couple of times. (NOT TO DEATH)
5: You can't own keypads as a hobo
6: You may not use plate props only use hl2 or css props.
7: you may not build in the center of the streets use sidewalks or streetcorners.

1. Advertising as this job has to be hidden, using undercover jobs such as "Cookie Salesman" or /adverts with "Selling cookies" is perfectly fine.
2. If someone continuesly orders a hit on the same person, this is most likely invalid hits and you should not accept them.
3: You MUST take at least 400$ per hit!
4. Do not take hits on Government Officials! I.E. Civil Protection, CP Chief, or Mayor these are for Pro Hitman only!
Base rules:

1: You must not force players to jump/ crouch into your base.
2: You must only have 2 fading doors with keypads to get in and to get out, meaning people only have to crack 2 keypads to gain FULL entry to your base. (Fading doors has to be MINIMUM open for 5 seconds) Also keypads/buttons must not be hidden
4: Between your 2 fading doors, there must be enough space for at least 2 players to enter, this is so that one of the raiders may defend/shoot and the other allowed to keypad crack.
5: Fences are not allowed to be colored or materialized. - They're not allowed to be used as shooting windows and/or fading doors.
6: Building in public is not allowed, UNLESS allow by your current job (Read job rules in !motd).
7: Keypads and buttons have to be clearly next to the fading door they trigger, you can't colour a button invisible or hide it in almost impossible to find places. - No fake keypads/buttons allow either
8: One-way props are not allowed, one-way props are props that allows the user to see through the prop, but the other person cannot. HOWEVER one-way props are allowed on map windows!
9: Abusing buttons/E2's/fading doors is not allowed, when a person cracks your keypad, it must remain open until 5 seconds have passed. Do not close it by using buttons etc.
10: Invisible/No-collided props are NOT allowed.
11: Your fading doors must be placed BEHIND already existing doors, to allow players to lockpick the door, then keypad crack it.
12: Using material lights or lamps (a room that is completely black) or any other tool to make players lag or cause disorientation is NOT permitted! - These lead to unfair bases etc.

Admin Rules/Moderator Rules:

1: Don't use admin powers outside admin situations, noclipping/teleporting/bringing friends etc, WILL result in an admin warning.
2: When dealing with other players try to act as calm and mature as possible
3: Please give warnings to players, if someone RDMs once don't instantly ban them. Use warn/kick/ban unless severe rulebreaks.
4: Respect users and others admins, if you have a problem with another admin report it on forum.
5: NEVER punish other mods/admins+ or use admin commands on them without their consent. - Doing so will result in a possible warning (use ULX who to check who is admin)
*Superadmins can punish trusted & regular admins + moderators.
*Trusted_admins can punish moderators
*Admins can punish users/supporters
*Moderators can punish users/supporters
6: Don't punish without proof, if someone screams "RDM" in console, you must collect sufficient evidence to punish him.
7: Whilst we don't tolerate any insults in OOC, players may express their feelings towards your abilities, therefore disrespect is not a valid punishment reason. If they flame you, sure go ahead otherwise ignore them.
8: You may use noclip for building without being AoD, however don't use it to fly around the map if you want to do that use admin on duty job. Noclip abuse includes: Using it to go through doors/fading doors fast to avoid typing the code.
9: Going undercover by changing RPname etc to make admins/players get into to trouble is strictly forbidden, if caught doing this you will receive punishment yourself.
10: Only Super admins may tell you what to do, but when they do you'd do wisely to listen. If a super freezes/gags or does anything to you, you should NEVER undo his commands. -This will most likely result in the super punishing you even further.
11: Bans and kicks must be done using proper reasons, "idiot" or "retard" are examples of non-valid reasons. - Bans must also be fair, banning permanently for RDM or NLR. When punishing a player, make sure they know why - give them a reason in /advert "Slayed for RDM" - warnings may not be given in voice chat.
12. If you are absent for more than 7 days without notifying Nero, you will be demoted to the next lower rank for two weeks. Please notify Nero if you will be absent for longer than 7 days, so he can make sure not to demote you.

Super Admin Rules:
1: You may punish other admins, but do so fairly. If they're abusing then it's abuse, but if it's an honest mistake you should let them off with a warning or mild punishment.
2. ALL Admin rules apply to you as well.

*note any replies to this post will be removed post any unwantings or changes you think should happen in general topic with a new topic*


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