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Post by scarfandgloves on Thu Jul 24, 2014 3:18 am

Trial Mod App Template

Post by Nero on Fri Apr 18, 2014 10:18 am
TrialMod Application:

Name: Matt

Age: 15

Why you would like to be a Trial-Mod: Because I hate when no admins are on and the server gets full people who rdm and break the rules

What can you do for the community: I am very amusing person and I love to meet new people

How did you find this server: Just scrolling through the Dark Rp servers

Do you have any previous Experience with being a mod/Admin on any other servers: A couple of Dark Rp the argent basewars and a deathrun

A bit about your self: Funny I play a lot I am also on late at night.

Current Rank: Guest

Past experience if any:

will you be active on the forums? Oh yea

Will you be active in game? Oh yea

What time do you normally play? (PST): All day

Why would you be a good attribute to the server? Because I am not a dick and i know the rules

Are mod's Allowed to punish Fellow Mods? Depends what the do

Are mod's Allowed to punish Users? Depends what they do

Here's a few scenarios, answer them to the best of your ability.


Question #1

Player 1 Spams 20 fences what do you do? ___c___

A:Ban him permanently for propspam
B:Kick player 1 for propspam
C:Tp to him and tell him to stop

Question #2

Player1 Rdm's Player2 what do you do? ___a___

A:Bring them both and to you and listen to what happend
B:Slay player 1 for Rdm
C:Kick player 1

Question #3

you find a area which is propblocked what do you do? _a and b_____

A:remove the propblock
B:bring the owner of the prop and have him fix it
C:Kick the player for prop block

Question #4

What is the proper punishment order to follow


Question #5

What is the required length for a keypad to hold?


Question #6

What are you meant to use noclip for?

__________________to get around easier __________________________

Question #7

You see an admin who is abusing what do you do?

_________________tell the owner_______________________

Question #8

You find someone propkilling what do you do?


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