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Staff applacation

Post by XxLMM13xX on Wed Jul 23, 2014 11:39 pm

TrialMod Application:


Age:13 (I am mature)

Why you would like to be a Trial-Mod:I feel I can help with the server and have experince

What can you do for the community:code

How did you find this server:i just kinda did lol

Do you have any previous Experience with being a mod/Admin on any other servers:Yes 3!

A bit about your self:mmm I love soccer and im on pretty often

Current Rank:nothing Sad

Past experience if any:superadmin on 3 servers 1 darkrp 2 Prop hunt

will you be active on the forums? yes!

Will you be active in game?yes!

What time do you normally play? (PST):different times but mostly like 10-4

Why would you be a good attribute to the server?i know all DarpRP rules

Are mod's Allowed to punish Fellow Mods?They can ban if there is a reason but not harrass

Are mod's Allowed to punish Users?They can ban if there is a reason but not harrass


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