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Administrator rules

Post by Guest on Sat Sep 07, 2013 6:50 pm

.    You are required to set a good example among the server and stay professional at all times. Always be polite to EG's members, no matter how difficult they're being.

2.    Do not be elitist in any way. This includes but is not limited to banning/kicking/complaining for/about admin disrespect, telling a player you are an admin so you are right, putting yourself above a player due to your administrative abilities, etc. Administrators should be treated equally to players in ALL cases. Anything having to do with the word 'admin', such as "RDMed an admin" in a ban reason is strictly prohibited

3.    You may not abuse your admin powers in any way; this includes fooling around with your friends or people who are fine with whatever you’re doing. It’s not allowed unless there is a superadmin online that says it is okay for the moment, or there is just admins on. If anyone who is not and admin asks to mess around with your powers you must tell them NO. Your powers are only there so you can make sure everything is running smoothly.

4.    Do not favourite people. This means do not teleport your friends around, and don't go easy on bans for them. Your friends are to be treated just as any other player. Failure to follow this rule will result in one warning and a demotion any time after that.

5.    Do not be too harsh on people that you do not like. If you ban someone for an extended length just because you’ve had a problem with them in the past, you will be warned. Failure to follow this rule after your first warning will be an immediate demotion.

6.    Attempting to use your admin powers or the forums to get the IP address of a user for any reason besides a ban will result in a immediate and irreversible demotion.

7.   Relating to both rules four and five, never take sides in any argument no matter who the people are. You listen to both sides and make the right decision based on their stories and any evidence provided of the incident.

8.   You only have the right to pause role-play you are involved in if you are dealing with a situation which requires you as an administrator.

9.   Do not use noclip or any teleportation commands to get to places on the map that regular users would have to break a server rule to reach, unless you are there for administrative purposes.

10.   Always specify a good, detailed reason when kicking or banning a player. Anybody should be able to tell exactly what the player has done just by reading the ban reason.

GOOD examples:
-RDMing a citizen as a CP at spawn
-Walking back to his/her house after dying during a raid to kill the raiders before they escape
-Pulling out a gun while being held hostage and killing the kidnapper(s)
BAD examples:
-Fear RP

11.   You are required to at least attempt to talk to a player about what they did wrong before banning them. This does not apply to things such as mass RDM or similar. If the player who broke the rule has been around long and knows/should know the rules, than the administrators are not required to speak to them, although they may still do so. Keep in mind that new players may not understand every rule right after they join.

12. First offense P-Banning is not allowed, and can be faced by demotion. If it is a first offense Mass rdm, or something equally as bad, then that is the only exception. If they are breaking a small rule, like rdm x1, then a 1-3 hr ban is good enough
{sept.9}Added rule 12, please read~scareh ghoost

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