Staff Ranks

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Staff Ranks

Post by Nero on Sat Jun 25, 2016 5:23 am

User - The base rank. What a new player starts at.

Trusted - The rank above user. You have been noticed by other staff and they trust you to use some basic commands.

Trial-Mod - When a staff sees fit you can apply for a trial moderator. You will have access to some basic administrative commands to assess how you preform when dealing with administrative encounters.

Moderator - When you successfully complete your training (which will be completed after you have been watched and noticed as a trial moderator) you will be given standard administrative commands (noclip, tp, freeze, etc.). As a moderator you will make sure that other moderators/ trial moderators are doing their job correctly. If you see another mod/TM abusing their powers make sure to report it to an administrator.

Admin - After the staff have seen you in action and know you have experience you will be able to join the ranks of admins! As an admin your duty is to make sure everything is running smoothly in the server (as it is for the other staff positions). You will have access to a number of administrative commands. Moderators operate under your supervision and every position under moderator.


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