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Trial Moderator

Post by {G-Team} Swat_Bear on Tue Jun 16, 2015 9:41 am

Moderator Application:

Name: {G-Team} Swat_Bear

Age: 13

State in at least 30 words why you would like to be a Trial-Mod: I would like to be a Trial Moderator so i can help and see whats going on on the server to know if the owner should be contacted or if its fine.

What can you do for the community: I can help the community and spread the word about the server to all my friends to let them know a good server is started up come and join right away.

How did you find this server: I was looking through my games looking for a server i will be able to join.

Do you have any previous Experience with being a mod/Admin on any other servers? If so name the servers: No i have not but i hope to on this server

A bit about your self: I like to game i am usually on from 11:00 Am - 4:00 Am Eastern i am on every day.

Current in game Rank: Member (New join)

will you be active on the forums? Yes

Will you be active in game? Yes

What time do you normally play? (PST): 11:00 Am - 4:00 Am Eastern

In at least 30 words why would you be a good attribute to the server? I like helping out and knowing that i am able to help out makes me feel good about myself and helps me learn how i should act if i am a staff member.

Are mod's Allowed to punish Fellow Mods? Only if the owner is offline and no admins are on.

Are mod's Allowed to punish Users? Only if they disrespect you

Here's a few scenarios, answer them to the best of your ability.


Question #1

Player 1 Spams 20 fences what do you do? -

C:Tp to him and tell him to stop

Question #2

Player1 Rdm's Player2 what do you do? -

A:Bring them both and to you and listen to what happend

Question #3

you find a area which is propblocked what do you do? -

B:bring the owner of the prop and have him fix it

Question #4

What is the proper punishment order to follow

Warning(s), kick, Ban

Question #5

What is the required length for a keypad to hold?

3 seconds

Question #6

What are you meant to use noclip for?

Serious Problems

Question #7

You see an admin who is abusing what do you do?

Report to the owner

Question #8

You find someone propkilling what do you do?

Ask him to stop and kick them if they dont

{G-Team} Swat_Bear

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Re: Trial Moderator

Post by That_Special_Muffin on Tue Jun 16, 2015 9:47 am

I'd say it's pretty good, a few grammar mistakes here and there. Some things seemed a little wierd, like you're resonse to, "What are you meant to use noclip for?" But overall, I'd say its decent.


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Re: Trial Moderator

Post by Nero on Tue Jun 16, 2015 9:53 am


For Question number 5 the answer is 5 seconds.

For question number 7 it is any staff member that is a higher rank than you.

Your 30 word answers about why you would be good for the server and why would you like to be trial mod are very generic and simple. They just barely meet the 30 word requirements.

Other than that it is pretty good.

If we didn't need staff I wouldn't have accepted it for the reason being your generic and basic answers. I might have you re-answer them at a future time. Other than that, congratulations!



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Re: Trial Moderator

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