Rank Stripping

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Rank Stripping

Post by Nero on Wed Jun 10, 2015 6:36 am

The following people will be stripped of their ranks (i.e. back to user)
(Of course I will give a reason)

XxLMM13xX - I would like to see your potential to want your position since it has been so long. You will go through the process of the starter ranks and then apply for a Trial Moderator position. Note each of your starter ranks will only last a day each. I will not make you wait the full amount for them (this also applies to the trial moderator). I think we should leave you as a moderator for a short while once you go through the TM stage. I want to see how you react to this news and how your aptitude to deal with abusers when your limits are restrained is. You were an exceptional administrator and I thought that, even though I was hard on you sometimes, you still did a swell job.

-(Exc)-Raichu - First thing, you had a long absence before the server was shut down and it made me question your interest. Second, I never really said anything but there were many complaints about you during the days when the server was up. Mostly they were abusing your powers and messing around when people were trying to be somewhat serious role players. I had noticed some of this too. Third, if you even see this, I would like to see your potential to earn your status back and redo your mistakes. I would like you to learn to be a more serious admin but also know when to be a bit held back with punishments. I thought you were a great person and you were very entertaining but you weren't the most skilled administrator.

ReDZone - I never really got to know you much ReDZone. From what I remember your admin abilities were very admirable though. I still would like to reset your rank to see how you do with the new system of player status'.

Blizzard_reflex - The reason that I am stripping your rank is because I noticed that you were banned from the website. Now this could have been a simple mistake made by me, or it could have been an issue that I have not remembered. Like XxLMM13xX's resetting the time between ranks will be shortened until you have reached your current rank now. I would like to see how you handle things as well.

By doing this I can monitor how well the server's administrators react to change, disappointment, and lesser privileges while still being able to control the server and keep it under control. Thank you and have a nice day.



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